Dr. Stella J. Wuttke

Psychologist, researcher, neurotherapist, meditation teacher, & co-director of Wuttke Institute of Neurotherapy

B.Sc., M.Sc., Ph.D. in Psychology

Stella J. Wuttke is a post-doctoral neuro-scientist. Until recently she acted as a post-doctoral principal investigator (PI) for a state-funded EEG project on brain wave patterns associated with visual perception and was lab-director of the neurofeedback laboratory at the University of Jena, Germany. Since completing her Master’s degree in 2006 Stella has conducted research and taught at the undergraduate and graduate level at universities in Austria, Germany and the UK. She has been a member of various well-known scientific societies such as the American Vision Science Society, Austrian Society of Psychology, the German Society of Psychology, and the Austrian Neuroscience Society.

Stella is highly experienced in designing and implementing psychological and neuro-physiological experiments. She is currently running a study on autism and neurofeedback including pre- and post-EEG testing. This study aims to enhance the ability to relate and interact with other people through neurofeedback training.

In 2019 she will join the Wuttke Institute team as the PI of a 5-year-project on meditation and neurofeedback as a director, scientist, neurotherapist as well as meditation teacher. Stella is particularly inspired by witnessing how neurofeedback together with meditation practice elicits changes in the brain that effect every aspect of life and furthers human excellence.

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